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Takumi Shimamura

Takumi Shimamura

Industrial designer

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Shimamura worked for SUBARU and Tug International Co., Ltd.. He founded Qurz Inc. and offers comprehensive services, from planning and designing to sales, for a variety of industrial products: vehicles (cars, buses, etc.), spatial designs (small-scale houses, interior, etc.), furniture and more.

In 2003, Shimamura started a volunteer project and produced a series of monacca, a three-dimensional figure products using thinned cedar lumber. This series of products are available at MoMA and has made a great success in the global market as he actively joins international exhibitions. His products have received Good Design Awards many times. Currently, Shimamura is promoting his paper product brand cuiora, monacca and small space gardening products comore.

Qurz inc.
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